Relax area - SPA

Give yourself a moment of rest and relief

You are warmly welcome to try our SPA area in Cztery Pory Roku Hotel.

It is a place designed for people who need a break and some relaxation.

Price list:

25 PLN 1 hour

We invite you every day, between the hours:

6 – 10 p.m.

Poznaj nasze SPA

Strefa relaksu w Hotelu Cztery Pory Roku

Hotel Palace Hall is designed to provide the maximum of capacity (rectangular shaped without columns) caring at the same time for the highest standards of the interior finish is an ideal place to organize workshops, conferences, displays and various events of any kind.

The Hall can be gloomed, as well as it has its own discrete entry through the reception and the exit leading directly to the summer garden. It is equipped with electric visual display screen (322 x 187 cm) with a remote control, BenQ projector in DLP technology, wireless laser presenter, white flipchart magnetic board with marker pens and sound system that comes with a set of wireless microphones. The shape of the Hall and theatrical setting of chairs enable us to organize a conference for 300 people at a time.

Dry sauna

Dry sauna is a SPA treatment performed in a room, warmed up to 95 degrees Celsius and containing 10% humidity. Such a high temperature is achieved by the furnace with warm stones.

Steam bath

Steam bath is a wellness room, paved with ceramic mosaic. The stay in the steam room is a gentler kind of sauna, suitable for both men and women. It causes a relatively low temperature, most often 40-46 degrees Celsius and the maximum humidity (100%)

Heat/infrared cabin

Infrared sauna is an excellent option for people who – because of many different reasons – cannot use traditional sauna (dry or wet). It alleviates back and joint pain, caused by tiredness, arthritis, degenerative diseases, it helps with pain caused by burns or neuralgia. It helps to remove an excessive adipose tissue and boost metabolism.

Salt cave

In a salt cave there is a special micro climate, similar to the climate at the seaside. The air there is fresh and highly ionized. It favourably affects the respiratory system and function of the body. Being in a salt cave has a positive impact on the respiratory system, nervous system, cardiovascular system, it reduces blood pressure, relaxes and alleviates breathing ailments. It also strenghtens the immune system.

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